Increase sales & sales staff effectiveness

  • Adapt sales processes to address changing buyer behavior, evaluation and procurement processes that rely heavily on product research via web  and social media
  •  Monitor social conversations and quickly connect sales resources with customers that demonstrate interest to answer questions, provide advice; to draw them into deeper dialogs for more detailed information
  •  Increase sales productivity, pipeline quality and forecast accuracy by leveraging social selling methodologies to identify and engage qualified prospects
  •  Use social media venues to align key brand messages with marketing and sales value propositions to achieve consistency
  •  Reduce sales cycles and time-to-revenue by identifying and engaging prospective customers early in the evaluation process
  •  Increase sales productivity and close ratio
  • Increase conversions of Followers and “Likes” to sales by providing easy access to information customers can use for research, evaluation and decision making
Social selling utilizes relationships and connections that are available via social channels to facilitate a better selling and buying experience...
— Ralf VonSosen, Head of Marketing for Sales Solutions, LinkedIn


Expand lead generation activity through social media marketing


Capture data to engage customers through personalized social communications

Social media marketing users increased marketing's contribution to sales-forecasted pipeline 20x faster than non-users