Until Public Cloud is ready for Prime Time - Hybrid Cloud Rules

Public cloud is NOT ready for prime time, and until it is hybrid cloud rules. Yeah, I know a lot of enterprises have moved workloads to public cloud and are enjoying the benefit of lower costs but, here’s the litmus test – how many enterprises trust public cloud enough to move mission critical or legacy enterprise applications to public cloud? Even if they wanted to move them, could they? And, theirin lies the rub!

Want proof that public cloud isn’t ready for prime time? Seems like many IT decision-makers don’t believe public cloud is ready for prime time either.

“In a recent Stratecast survey of IT decision-makers, security, compliance, and performance concerns top the list of restraints to using public cloud for certain workloads. In addition, many mission-critical workloads (such as legacy ERP systems) are not built for cloud deployment; migration would require a complete retooling, at considerable disruption and risk to the business.”

This to me expresses a complete lack of confidence when it comes to moving mission-critical and legacy workloads to a “low-cost” public cloud providers’ off-premises environment. Saving money is one thing but exposing applications and sensitive data in an environment that might lack enterprise levels of security, resilience, control, and agility is a bet many IT decision-makers don’t seem willing to make.

It appears, according to Stratecast, that for most enterprises a hybrid cloud strategy trumps public cloud when it comes to applications that truly matter.

“Instead of a public cloud-centric strategy, most businesses today (fully 71%, according to the Stratecast survey) are pursuing a hybrid IT strategy, comprising a combination of environments and deployment models: premises-based and hosted; traditional and cloud; physical and virtual servers; Infrastructure, Platform, and Software as a Service.”

An alternate, safer, approach until public cloud is ready for prime time would be doubling down on a hybrid cloud strategy that provides:

  • Choice to place workloads where they make the most sense for an enterprise and their clients
  • Speed to develop, integrate and deliver new apps quickly and efficiently
  • Integration between legacy, mission critical, social, mobile and IoT’s to unlock data and insight
  • Cognitive capabilities to deliver a deeper understanding of dark data

Still believe most public cloud providers' low cost offerings are ready for prime time and mission-critical applications? Check out the e-book I wrote, “Clearing the air: What you really need to know about hybrid cloud”, that contrasts and compares public and hybrid cloud approaches from (4) industry leading cloud providers.