The Way of Social Sales: A Martial Art Salespeople Need to Master

For several years I practiced the traditional Japanese martial art of Kendo. Participants learn many valuable lessons including the importance of continually observing, adjusting, changing strategy and tactics to penetrate their partners’ defenses, find an opening to eventually gain an advantage. The lessons learned from practicing Kendo can be applied to the current state of technology and telecommunications sales by leveraging The Way of Social Selling. Traditional sales methods are no longer effective to identify an opening that will lead to an opportunity to engage and advance in order to achieve an advantage against the competition.

 Like in Kendo, collaborating with today’s information savvy buyers requires an entirely different sales methodology. A sales martial art, so to speak, that involves using social channels to listen, observe, engage, communicate and gain advantage and defeat your competitors’ strategy.

An effective social strategy is:

  • One based on building relationships and providing buyers with information they need to make purchase decisions.
  • That uses storytelling to articulate why your company is uniquely positioned to solve a buyer’s problems.
  • While providing clear and differentiated messages through customer focused content.
  • Through an approach that parallels and intersects with a customers buying process.
  • And, aligns marketing and sales to provide a single voice in all communications.
  • While using rich data and analytics to learn more about customer needs and preferences through their interactions.

 The end result is effective, two-way communication, through social channels that enables buyers to engage, evaluate and eventually do business with you.

 Attached is a link to a presentation I created, Information Technology and Telecom Sales = Social Business Sales, that provides a step-by-step, easily digestible model for implementing an effective social sales strategy. The methodology will help you and your sales teams engage, penetrate and gain an advantage over your competitors, positioning you to win - just like in Kendo practice.