Clearview Consulting & Marketing services help B2C companies achieve increases in measurable business results

Strategy & Consulting

Increase brand visibility, awareness and customer engagements to deliver increases in measurable business results

Content Creation & Management

Reach more customers and develop stronger relationships 

Social Selling & Business Development

Increase leads, pipeline quality, forecast accuracy, sales & revenue

Clearview social media services help B2C companies

  • Develop effective social media strategies that help you reach more customers, increase followers, web & store traffic and sales
  • Increase visibility and awareness of your brand, products & services with your target audience
  • Increase your on-line presence and brand leadership while creating competitive differentiation
  • Develop & publish content that creates interest & engages customers through the entire buying cycle
  • Build audience, increase customer interactions, traffic and sales by providing customers with the information, expertise and advice they need, when they need it
  • Use social content to demonstrate your expertise and position your shop as a valued, trusted, information source
  • Increase conversions of likes and followers to increased traffic & sales
  • Improve customer experience by providing product recommendations based on customer behavior, interests, responses and page views
  • Leverage social media insights to increase understanding of customer needs, deliver personalized campaigns & offers to improve customer satisfaction & repeat business
  • Build a loyal community of customers & advocates
  • Increase effectiveness and reduce costs of Marketing & Advertising
  • Measure & evaluate effectiveness of your existing social media strategy & tactics


  • Monitor conversations and develop an effective social media strategy that helps help you engage customers, drive store traffic and sales
  • Implement effective social tactics that will help your bike shop accelerate awareness, interest and capture market share within new segments
  • Develop content publishing strategies & tactics to deliver content that addresses customer needs, trends and changing buyer behavior
  • Publish content that will help your bike shop demonstrate expertise, differentiation and leadership
  • Provide guidance to integrate social media with your bike shops marketing campaigns to increase reach, engage customers and drive traffic to your store

  • Recommend and develop effective social tactics, across multiple venues, that will help your bike shop identify and address customer needs, concerns and expectations
  • Help you choose the most effective social media venues to reach and engage your target audience